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Welcome to our Developer Services Portal.
Here you can quickly and easily apply and pay for new water and wastewater connections.
Simply sign up for an account, log in and complete one of our online forms to get started.
Before submitting an application, please follow the link and enter a postcode or use our map to make sure that your property or development is located in our supply area.
Also, please read the guidance notes at the start of each form to make sure you provide the correct information – this will help us process your application smoothly.
Most applications require a fee to be paid before we can process the application – the quickest payment types are credit and debit cards. We also accept payment by BACS or cheque.
Email us at with any queries -or phone our helpdesk number at the bottom of the page.

Infrastructure Charges

Find out more about the one-off charges to connect properties to the water supply or public sewerage network.


Levels of Service

More information on the standards that developers can expect for the provision of housing infrastructure.


Health and Safety Advisory

Advice and requirements for staying safe and well on your development project.


Information for Developers

A summary of the changes to legislation affecting the adoption of new sewers and drains.


Technical Advisories

Use our guidance sheets to help plan your project.


Mailing Address

Developer Services
Southern House,
Yeoman Road,
West Sussex,
BN13 3NX

Developer Services Application Fees 2020/2021

List of 2020/2021 application fees of Developer Services.


If you need to escalate an issue

If there’s an issue with your application or project you can escalate via our published contacts and stages.

Sewer Ownership
Find out more about the changes in ownership of private sewers.
Water Label
Choose water saving products by using the European Water Label
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