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1. Scope of Feasibility Study
A Feasibility Study can be carried out independently to provide more detailed analysis than a Pre-development enquiry.

The process is similar to Stage 1 (the SL1 Stage) of the S98 Application and as such it may be possible to utilise the results as part of the S98 Process, should the Applicant choose to progress to this stage.

In this case a reduction in fees and timescales for the S98 may be achieved.

The Feasibility study does not however provide a preliminary budget estimate nor a Desktop Environmental 3rd Party Appraisal.

Please also note that Southern Water is currently consulting on the New connections charging as directed by Ofwat. Please read through these documents as they may affect your development site in the future.

2. Process and cost
We will undertake the initial feasibility study for a non-returnable fee as per the application form.

Complete the application in order to provide the necessary information upon which the study will be based.

Any subsequent requests for additional or alternative routes will be subject to further charges, as will:
• Site investigation including environmental constraints.
• Flow Surveys and model verification if necessary.

The study will be prepared and forwarded to you within 12 weeks of receipt of your payment and complete application form and relevant documentation.

Where the study is of development to serve offices or industrial premises etc, details must be provided of the likely daily flows or the estimated number of staff occupying the premises.

In some cases, it can be a complex technical issue to identify the best means of draining a site. In these circumstances, we may wish to employ consulting engineers in order to carry out the feasibility study and provide a reasonably accurate study assessment. If this situation arises, you will be provided with an estimate of the necessary fees and will be asked to provide an undertaking to meet these costs.

Southern Water will initially select the routing and outfall arrangements etc. for the provisional new network. Up to 3 options can then be considered in consultation with the applicant and/or their authorised Agent/Consultant.

If existing downstream public sewers need to be improved in order for them to accept the proposed flows from your site, then the necessary improvements to those existing public sewers will also form part of the feasibility study.

Important notes to bear in mind

The request for a feasibility study does not commit the applicants to requisition works under the S98 process.

Contact details:

Please check your site is in the Southern Water catchment area: https://www.southernwater.co.uk/your-area

Phase Type of unit No. First occupation Date Rate of completion
  • Drawings and discharge calculations for the proposed on-site drainage.
  • A copy of the location plan with the development to be drained outlined in green (1:1250 scale preferred)
  • A copy of any conditions attached to the Planning Approval which affect the drainage of the site

  • Site boundary clearly shown
  • Roads clearly shown
  • Adjacent buildings clearly shown
  • Private pipe run to Southern Water network clearly shown
  • Maximum file limit is 50MB
  • Allowed file types are DOCX, DOC, PDF, XLS, XLSX, JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, DWG (auto cad), DXF (auto cad), DGN (microstation), PRP (microstation), PRW (microstation)
Warning! File size too big. Maximum file size 50MB.
Failure to include any of the requested information will be deemed as an incomplete application and may result in this application being delayed/returned. This application DOES NOT mean approval has been granted. No work should commence until written approval has been given by Southern Water.
The contents of the report are for direct use only by the applicant and are to be kept private and confidential. They may only be disclosed to third parties with the written approval of Southern Water. Such third parties to have no subsequent implied or other right to disclose the contents and information to any other parties.
Amount to pay
Feasibility Study
VAT (20%)
Total Fee
£ 4320.00
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Preferred payment method:
Application number:
Amount to pay: £ 4320.00

Payments can be made directly via BACS transfer to:

Southern Water Services Ltd
Miscellaneous Income Account
HSBC Bank Plc
P O Box 125, 2nd Floor, 62-76 Park Street,
SE1 9DZ, London, England

Sort Code - 40-02-50
Account No - 81426834

(However please ensure that you confirm the application number you are making payment for in the reference line)

Please make cheques payable to Southern Water Services Ltd.
Your printed slip and cheque should then be sent to:

Miscellaneous Income
Southern Water
PO Box 4056
BN13 3XX

Please click on ‘Print Preview’ and confirm your cheque number is on the preview slip.
Please print the slip and attach the cheque after writing the application number on the back in case they are separated.

Please provide the following where applicable and tick the box if enclosed:

A copy of the location plan with the development to be drained outlined in green (1:1250 scale preferred)
A copy of any conditions attached to the Planning Approval which affect the drainage of the site
Details of future development phases
Drawings and discharge calculations for the proposed on-site drainage. Where on-site drainage has not yet been designed, please indicate on a plan the proposed location, invert level and pipe diameter of the point of outfall

I/we undertake to provide such additional information as may be required by Southern Water Services Limited or its agents to enable this to be prepared.

I/we understand that the submission of this form is to be treated as a preliminary inquiry and does not commit me/us/the agent or Southern Water Services Limited in any way.

I/we confirm that the land as shown outlined in green on the attached plan is/will be in my/our/the applicant’s ownership and that the sewers/drains to which the sewers should be connected are/will be owned or constructed by me/us/the applicant.